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CommercePro is a package of configurable components that are built upon Acumatica base functionality to deliver merchants with enhanced inventory management, pricing, customer service, and payment features. While beneficial for eCommerce businesses, Commerce Pro does not require an eCommerce site and can run on the following editions of Acumatica: General Business, Manufacturing, Distribution, Commerce.

Benefits of CommercePro

  • Unified Order Aggregation: Centralize orders from multiple channels for a seamless customer experience.
  • Customer Order Summary: Enhance loyalty with a comprehensive view of customer history.
  • Vendor Inventory Management: Streamline drop shipping and ensure accurate order fulfillment.
  • Free Stock Items Incentives: Encourage loyalty by offering complimentary items.
  • Duplicate Order Check: Prevent duplicate orders for a smoother shopping process.
  • Unit-Based Pricing: Automatically calculate fair sales prices based on units.
  • Collect-Then-Ship: Secure payments before shipping to build trust with customers.

Key Features

  • Collect-Then-Ship: Secure payment collection before shipping with Commerce Pro’s feature. Auto Assign Sales Categories: Automatically assign item sales categories, particularly beneficial for businesses with extensive catalogs.
  • Quick Kits: Streamline kit assembly without Acumatica’s Kit Assembly screen through Commerce Pro’s feature.
  • Kit Number Display: Keep kit quantity information up to date in Acumatica Cloud ERP for improved inventory management.
  • Kit Price Calculator: Easily manage fluctuating kit prices in Acumatica Cloud ERP with dynamic price adjustments based on component changes.
  • Multi-Website Support: Expand sales channels by adding multiple websites as branches in Acumatica Cloud ERP with customized parameters.
  • AWS S3 Images: Reduce Acumatica storage usage and share image URLs across multiple eCommerce channels by storing product images in AWS.
  • Dynamic Merchandising: Organize attributes into sections for improved product presentation.
  • Dropship Tracking: Enhance visibility by adding tracking information at the Purchase Order level.


CommercePro empowers merchants with more personalized buying experiences, improved sales, merchandising and fulfillment processes for both street level retailers and eCommerce merchants.