Configuring BYP in Sales Order

Configuring BYP in Sales Order

To Configure BYP in sales order, go to the [Sales Order] section on the left panel. Click on the [Sales Order].
By clicking on the [+] sign, a new Sales Order browse will appear on your screen.

Sales Orders in the BYP browse
Sales Orders in the BYP browse

On the Sales Order, you need to follow the steps.

  1. You need to search for the Customer.
  2. Sales Order Screen
    Sales Order Screen
  3. You need to click on the [+] sign under the site ID and search for the Inventory ID.
  4. After the selection of the Inventory ID [Save] the Sales Order to enable [Configure BYP].
  5. Click on [Configure BYP Product] a new screen will appear.
  6. [BYP Inventory ID] and the [Warehouse] will be auto-populated based on the entry that you entered in the BYP browser.
  7. You need to enter the [Order Quantity].
Configure BYP in the BYP browse
Configure BYP in the BYP browse
1 Enhancements: On clicking [Config BYP], a pop-up window will show on the screen. After selecting BYP Products, choose the products from the menu. If you select a product available for BYP Products, the application will display its availability as On Hand, Available, or Available for Shipping. To know more, go through the BYP RELEASE NOTES FOR DEC 2023.

  • In the BYP Inventory Screen [Sales Price] column has been incorporated beside the price column under [Selected Items]. To know more, go through the BYP RELEASE NOTES FOR DEC 2023.

On clicking the [Configure BYP] tab, you will have 3 major sections as follows:

  • Available Options
  • Configured Rules
  • Selected Items
Field Field Type Description
Available Options (1)
Option Title Text-Field The [Option Title] will display all the items which are configured in BUILD YOUR PRODUCT.
Selected Products Drop-down/ Multi Combo The selected products related to the Option title are displayed here.
Selected Attributes Drop-down/ Multi Combo If you have selected any attribute against the Option Title, that is displayed here.
Field Field Type Description
Configured Rules (2)
Inventory ID The preconfigured Inventory ID is displayed here.
Attribute Value The preconfigured attribute value is displayed.
Rule Type There are two types of rules as follows:

  • Must
  • Exclusion

Based on the selection in the BYP browse it will be shown here.

Field Field Type Description
Selected Items (3)
Inventory ID Mandatory Once you click on [Select Products] the inventory ID is displayed. However, if you have opted for the [Must] rule method, then also Inventory ID is displayed.
Attribute Value Text-field The selected attribute’s value is displayed here.
Warehouse Text-field Based on your BYP configuration, the warehouse is auto-populated.
Rule Type Text-field The rule type associated with the attributes is displayed here
Price Type Text-field Based on the price type that you have configured for the attributes in the Option Values in the BYP browse is reflected here.
Base Price Numeric field The base price that you have defined for the product is displayed here.
Component Price Text-field Based on the default price, the option you have selected to calculate the component price is shown here. For, the component price could be a fixed price, % on the Base Price or % of the Component Price.
New Base Price Numeric field In the BYP browser, if the [Affected Base Price] is checked, then the sum of the base price and the component price is displayed. If the [Affected Base Price] is unchecked then there will be no effect on the component price, only the Base Price is displayed.

Unit Price & Component Quantity:

The [Unit Price] and [Component Quantity] are shown after the Calculations. To save the configuration then click on [ADD & CLOSE].

Note that if you click on the [Close] button the Configuration will not be saved.

Unit Price and Component Quantity in Config BYP
Unit Price and Component Quantity in Config BYP
1 Enhancement: you can view the updated option [LOAD DEFAULT OPITIONS] in the sales Orders. To know more, go through the BYP RELEASE NOTES FOR DEC 2023.

  • In the [Selected Items] section beside [Attribute Value] an option called [Description] has been included in the Sales Orders Screen.