Installation Guide

Installation Guide

It is a document which supports the processes of installation, uninstallation, and software upgrades. It provides information on prerequisites, system requirements, and configuration options.

The steps and configuration guides outlined in the Installation Guide or User Manual are designed to support Acumatica Version 2023R1 and newer.

This includes Package Publishing and Licensing

Package Publishing: It is a procedure of granting access to a package to the users. By publishing the package, the owner can share the code with customers and make it easier for the customer to integrate and use in their projects. And if there are any security concerns, critical issues, or deprecating issues the package can be unpublished from the previous package repository. You can also publish to multiple tenants by using an option called publish to Multiple tenants.

licensing: It provides access to the product while the product publisher maintains the ownership rights. A product license is an official legal document that outlines the limitations and conditions of use for the product.

This contains

  • Activate License
  • Request License