Adding a Payflow Payment Method for Customers

To use the PayFlow plugin, a new payment method must be assigned to a Customer. 

The purpose of assigning the payment method to a customer is to allow the testing of the payment processing functions on both the PayFlow merchant site and in Acumatica.

Process in Acumatica

  1. To get started, select the Payables workspace and click Customer Payment Methods.

    Customer Payment Methods Screen

  2. Click the (+) button.

  3. Select a Customer ID.

    1. The screen for the selected Customer will appear.

      The Customer Payment Methods Screen for a specific Customer.

  4. Click the Payment Method tab.

  5. Click the Add Payment Method ( + ) button.

  6. Select a Payment Method.

    1. Choose a Tokenized PayFlow Payment Method.

    2. Choose a Non-Tokenized PayFlow Payments Method.

  7. Select the Active checkbox.

    1. The Proc. Center ID data fields should auto-populate.

  8. Click Save.

Payment Method - Tokenized

If the selected Payment Method is the Tokenized PayFlow Payment Method, navigate to the Payment Method Details tab

Tokenized Payment Method Process

  1. Click the CREATE NEW button.

    1. The Add Payment pop-up will open.

  2. Enter the required Credit Card details.

    Add the Credit Card details.

  3. Click Verify Card.

  4. The pop-up will close automatically, and a Token will stored in value field, w.r.t. Payment Profile ID


Process complete