Payflow via the Sales Order Screen

Processing PayFlow payments via the Sales Order screen allows you to request a PayFlow Payment.

This provides you the ability to select a tokenized or non-tokenized payment processing option.

Process in Acumatica

  1. Click the (+) button to add a new order.

  2. Select a Customer.

  3. Add Stock items in the Document Details tab.

  4. Click the Payment Settings tab.

  5. Select a Payment Method.
    a. Choose a Tokenized payment method.
    b. Choose a Non-Tokenized payment method.

Sales Order Screen

Payment Settings Tab

  1. Click a payment process based on stage of the sales order:

    1. Authorize CC Payment.

    2. Capture CC Payment.

    3. Void CC Auth./Payment.

  2. The Processing Status and PC Responses Reason are updated based on the action performed.

  3. Click Save.

  4. The Processing Status will auto-update.

Payment Settings Tab