Version 8.12.1

Version 8.12.1


Advanced Container Label Printing.

  • Some big clients have requirements for the data that must be on labels when delivering containers or boxes. The goal of this feature is to create a system that will enable clients and their resellers to create report formats that can be used. To specify which customised Reports will take the place of the Master/Inner labels for each Customer, a new Fusion Customers Preferences page was developed; it can be left blank if the user prefers to utilize the standard labels.

Open Shipments migration package.

  • As a result of the new 8.12.0 Packing process not supporting Open shipments from earlier WMS versions, this new package migrates the Open shipment into the new WMS 8.12.0 Packing method so the users can proceed without interruption with the shipment choosing and packing cycle.

Handheld Serial Scan in Transfer Screen can recognize From Warehouse.

  • The Transfer module now allows users to bring things even from warehouses other than the one they have selected when scanning serials from bins or item entries. If the user has scanned different ones, the system substitutes From WH and From Bin with the information from Acumatica: From WH, From Bin, Item, and Serial. Only when the Serial Number Scan YAML flag is set to YES is this new capability accessible.

Handheld warns users when unsaved data is in the cache.

  • When users leave unsaved data in the Transfer module’s cache, a warning requesting for confirmation to keep the previously scanned data or delete all of it appears when the user logs back in.

Handheld Packing Commit triggers release transfers.

  • At the conclusion of the Commit process, the release transfer action is now carried out independently. This will guarantee that barring unforeseen external circumstances, the Transfers are always released in a suitable manner (Acumatica normal behavior).
  1. There were some issues that were resolved with the Save button on the Fusion Customers panel.
  2. Issues with the Transfer Release process that were keeping transfers in a Balanced condition were resolved.
    • The Settings screen now only offers options for Active Warehouses.
  3. These duplicated lines were causing issues when updating allocations since they were managing duplicated WhenUsed/UserEntered Item Detail lines in a Picking Shipment procedure.
  4. All adjustments to the Shipping Allocation and Containers screens are made directly from the HH, whereas the Pick & Pack screen was asking the Acumatica container screen to interface with the Shipment screen and cause issues.
    Wave Pick module bugs that were generating crashes while scanning items have been fixed.
  5. Resolved problem where the HH did not save the scrapped quantity entered when committing in the SDFC Module.