Version 8.12.0

Version 8.12.0


The packing process was redesigned to allow un-pack/re-pack.

  • The products are now transferred to the shipping location while generating the containers rather than the pallet ship location, as is now reflected in the Shipments and Containers pages (Packing). In order for the user to know what has been packed and what still has to be packed, a new internal PackQuantity field was added to the Shipment’s allocations. This field counts the items that have been packed.

Enhancement in CrossDock feature.

  • Instead of using traditional Acumatica, Fusion now offers the CrossDock create/update shipping engine. Because of the standard logic and limitations of Acumatica, this enables users to prevent unexpected outcomes in Continuous Development (CD) actions.

Consolidate Fusion SO Preferences into the Fusion folder.

  • Fusion SO Preferences that used to be included in standard Acumatica SO Preferences were moved to FusionWMS Folder->Fusion Sales Order Preferences section to provide more visibility to the users about what the Fusion settings are.

Fusion WMS Acumatica 2022 Packages.

  • The Fusion WMS Packages for Acumatica 22R2 are now available.
    • FusionWMS Basic
    • FusionWMS Advanced
    • FusionWMS Optimization
    • Fusion Production Codes
    • Fusion B2B.

Handheld redesigned to allow un-pack/re-pack.

  • When building the Containers, the Handheld’s packing strategy involved moving the contents to the location of the pallet ship. There is a new method that avoids transferring the goods to the pallet ship location and instead moves them to the shipping location, much like the picking process does. As a result, the user is now able to unpack and repack simply by utilising the Picking/Packing/Containers modules from the HH. There is no longer a need for any further manual labour.

Allows customization of the containers assigned to a Shipment.

  • The original behaviour of the HH’s container module was to prevent the editing of containers that have already been assigned to a shipment. This was required because the old approach did not permit changes to containers after packing and saving due to transfers to the location of the pallet ship. However, with the new approach to packing and unpacking, we are now able to edit the containers as we need or want, so this restriction was eliminated.

Pack Station updated

  • The Fusion PackStation for Acumatica 22R2 is now available.
  1. When publishing the Fusion WMS Core package alongside other external packages, issues were still being produced by the incorrect FR prefix on the Inventory Preferences screen (IN101000).
  2. If an issue occurred, failed CrossDock Create/Update Shipments rows would vanish, requiring the user to manually reverse the transfers and start the operation over. Now, if an error happens, the records are kept, allowing the Users to just attempt again.
  3. Rather than processing all rows as it once did, the CrossDock Create/Update Shipments action now only processes the rows the user has chosen.