The primary goals of C-KITs extension in Acumatica ERP are as follows:

1. Access to enhanced features

Users can generate reports for sales orders, shipments, invoices, and pick lists in Acumatica. These reports can include information on both the parent item and child items within the kit.

2. Component explosion

The C-Kits extension allows for the automatic explosion of components based on the configuration specified in the Item Class and Kit Specifications screen. This feature ensures that the individual components of the kit are accurately identified and tracked.

3. C-Kits configuration in Sales Order

In the sales order module, users can configure C-Kits, this includes specific actions for configuration search and adding configured components to the sales order.

Furthermore, C-KITs offers real-time editing of quantities, along with minimum and maximum quantity validation, ensuring greater flexibility and control throughout the ordering process.