Setup C-Kits in Inventory

Setup C-Kits in Inventory

Setup Customizable Kits in Inventory

The inventory serves as a backup between production and sales to smooth out the product supply and ensure that products are available when customers place their orders.

Steps to configure kit specifications in Acumatica inventory:

  • Navigate to Acumatica inventory and search for Kit Specifications.
  • Select Kit Specifications from the search results.

Search for kit specifications

  • Click the selector icon, then choose a product from the inventory.

Product search using selector

  • Check the box provided against the Customizable Kit, to enable the Non-stock items accessible and customizable.
  • Check the box provided against the Not to Explode on API Sync to stop child items from exploding on price when the product explodes.

  • Enter Min and Max quantity for the component.
    • The permitted update quantity should be between the set variance min and max values.

Configure kit components for non-stock items




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