Adding the Payflow Plugin as a Processing Center

The first step during the configuration of the Payflow plugin in Acumatica is to add and save the Payflow merchant site credentials to create the integration.

The purpose of adding the Payflow merchant site credentials is to allow Acumatica Payflow to access and share payment transactions processes that occur on an eCommerce site. 

Once an integration connection is established between Acumatica and the Payflow merchant account, online payments can be authorized, captured, voided, and refunded.

  • This keeps inventory managed in real-time.

Add a New Processing Center in Acumatica

  1. Click the + button to add a new processing center..

  2. Enter a name for the processing center in the Proc. Center ID field.

  3. Enter a description for the processing center in the Name field.

  4. Click the Active checkbox.

  5. Select a Payment Plug-In (Type) field.

    1. Choose PayFlowV2-Tokenized Processing for the PayFlow Payment Gateway (Tokenized).

    2. Go to the Settings tab and enter the following values:

Settings Tab

Settings Tab




Retrieve these values from the PayFlow merchant developer site.




6. Click Save.

7. Click the Test Credentials button.

9. An Authentication Successful pop-up message should appear.

a. If not, verify the credentials on the Payflow merchant site.

Repeat these steps to create a processing center for each payment plugin type listed (Tokenized or Non-tokenized).


Processing Centers Screen