Processing PayPal Invoices on Acumatica Invoices

To check the status of a PayPal invoice on an individual Acumatica invoice, navigate to the Sales Order workspace and click Invoices.

Process in Acumatica

  1. Select the Invoice that needs to be checked for PayPal invoice status.

  2. Click the PayPal Invoice tab.

  3. Click Check PayPal Invoice Payment Status.

    1. The invoice status will be checked within PayPal.

      1. If the payment has been completed, a new line will appear in the table above the initial payment request with the PayPal Invoice Status listed as PAID.

      2. If the payment has not been completed, a red X will appear at the top of the sales order with an error message stating that the invoice has not been paid. No additional line will appear in the table.

Process in Acumatica for Multiple Orders

If there are multiple orders to request payment for, or if multiple statuses need to be checked on sales order PayPal invoices, navigate to the Sales Order workspace and click Process Sales Order PayPal Payment.

  1. Select PAYPAL as the Payment Method ID.

  2. Select the PayPal Invoice Action.

    1. Selecting Request Payment Via PayPal Invoice will display all open orders with PayPal as the default payment method.

      1. Select Process All to request payment on all listed orders. Or toggle on the boxes next to the orders that need payment requested and click Process.

      2. PayPal invoices will be sent to all sales orders listed.

    2. Selecting Check PayPal Invoice Payment Status will list all sales orders with current PayPal invoice requests.

      1. Select Process All to check the status on all orders with pending PayPal invoice requests. Or toggle on the boxes next to the specific orders to check status and click Process.

      2. A pop up will appear displaying the results of the status check(s).

        1. PAID invoices will appear in the Processed box.

        2. UNPAID invoices will appear in the Errors box.

As this is a manual process to check status and bulk request invoices on invoices, it is good practice to enable Acumatica’s automation scheduler functionality to ensure this process is occurring regularly.