Refunding a PayPal Invoice

Payments received by the customer via PayPal can be refunded to the customer’s PayPal account.

Refund Process in Acumatica

  1. To refund a PayPal invoice, navigate to the Receivables workspace and select Payments and Applications.

  2. Click the (+) to create a new refund.

  3. Select the Customer to refund.

  4. Select the Payment Method as PAYPAL.

  5. Select the Cash Account.

  6. Select the Type as Customer Refund.

  7. Under the Documents to Apply tab, click (+) to add a new document.

  8. Select the Document Type as Payment.

  9. Enter the Payment Reference Number.

    1. This can be found on the sales order under the Payments tab.

  10. Enter the amount to be refunded to the customer in the Payment Amount field.

    1. The PayPal Invoice tab will appear.

  11. Click the PayPal Invoice tab.

  12. Click Refund PayPal Invoice.

  13. A new line will appear in the table with a new PayPal Invoice number.

The invoice status will be listed at Partially Refunded or Fully Refunded depending on the amount refunded on the order.

The customer will receive a refund notice on the invoice in their PayPal account.