Creating a PayPal Merchant Account

The next step to configuring the PayPal Invoicing package is to create a merchant account and capture the API settings for later use in Acumatica.  The purpose of creating a merchant account is to process and maintain invoices sent from Acumatica to PayPal. To link PayPal to Acumatica, we will need to capture the API setting details.

Later, the API setting details will be used to configure the PayPal Invoicing package in Acumatica. The PayPal Invoicing package in Acumatica will send invoices via PayPal to customers and vendors and then retrieve invoice status updates in Acumatica during the import and export processes. Therefore, a merchant account must exist before configuring the Product in Acumatica – so let’s get started.

In this section, you will learn how to: