Adding PayPal API Details to Acumatica


With your recently generated API credentials, navigate to the Sales Order workspace and click PayPal Configuration Settings.

  1. Search for the PayPal ID.

    • A PayPal ID listed as “PAYPAL” will already be available after installing the PayPal invoicing package.

      • This is the PayPal ID that should be used.

    1. The Description will auto-populate with “PayPal Configuration Details”.

    2. The Active box will automatically toggle on.

  2. Enter the Client ID in the corresponding Value field.

  3. Enter the Client Secret details in the corresponding Value field.

  4. Enter the Merchant Email in the corresponding Value field.

    • This is the merchant email associated with the merchant account that was just created.

  5. Enter the Test Mode.

    • For instances that are still testing the PayPal Invoicing package, enter 1 into the Value field.

    • For instances that are ready to use the PayPal Invoicing package, enter 0 into the Value field.

  6. Click the Payment Methods tab.

    • Ensure the payment method listed is PAYPAL. The package automatically creates a PayPal payment method for PayPal invoicing.

  7. Click Save.

  8. Click Test Connection to ensure that the credentials entered are correct and the connection is made.

    • A pop-up will indicate if the connection is successful.

Now that the connection has been made, PayPal invoices are ready to be sent to customers. The next section will cover the sending of PayPal invoices within Acumatica.