Sending a PayPal Invoice on a Sales Order


  1. Navigate to the Sales Order workspace and select a current sales order, or create a new sales order.

  2. After entering in the customer details and line items, click the Payment Settings Tab.

  3. Enter PAYPAL as the Payment Method.

    1. After selecting this payment method, a new tab, PayPal Invoice, will populate.

  4. Click the PayPal Invoice tab.

  5. Click Request Payment Via PayPal Invoice.

    1. A pop up will appear titled Request PayPal Payment.

  6. The Reference Number will be the Order Number of the sales order.

  7. Enter the PayPal Customer Email as it corresponds to their PayPal account.

    1. PayPal accounts are identified by the email used for the PayPal account.

      1. This can differ from customer emails as they are entered in Acumatica.

      2. Ensure that the email associated with the customer’s PayPal account is being used within the invoice request.

  8. The Total Amount is the amount being requested from the customer as it corresponds to the order total.

  9. Enter a PayPal Payer Note if necessary.

    1. These display in the memo line of the invoice.

  10. Click Request Money.

    1. A line item will appear in the PayPal Invoice tab showing the date and time payment was requested, the PayPal invoice number, the status of the invoice, and the PayPal invoice reference number.

    2. The PayPal customer email, note, and invoice amount will also be listed.

  11. Click Save.

The PayPal invoice will be sent to the PayPal account of the customer for payment.