Processing PayPal Invoices

If payment needs to be requested from a customer outside of a Sales Order, such as from an overdue charge or a partial shipment on an order, the payment can be collected via a PayPal Invoice sent from the Payments and Applications screen.

Process in Acumatica

  1. Navigate to the Receivables workspace and click Payments and Applications.

  2. Click (+) to create a new payment.

  3. Select the Type as Payment.

  4. Enter the Customer Name.

  5. Enter the Payment Method as PAYPAL.

  6. Enter the Cash Account.

  7. In the Documents to Apply Tab, select the invoice that is being referenced for payment.

  8. Enter a Payment Amount for the invoice.

    1. The PayPal Invoice tab will appear.

  9. Click the PayPal Invoice tab.

  10. Click Request Payment Via PayPal Invoice.

  11. The Reference Number will be the Order Number of the sales order.

  12. Enter the PayPal Customer Email as it corresponds to their PayPal account.

  13. The Total Amount is the amount being requested from the customer as it corresponds to the order total.

  14. Enter a PayPal Payer Note if necessary.

    1. These display in the memo line of the invoice.

  15. Click Request Money.

    1. A line item will appear in the PayPal Invoice tab showing the date and time payment was requested, the PayPal invoice number, the status of the invoice, and the PayPal invoice reference number.

    2. The PayPal customer email, note, and invoice amount will also be listed.

  16. Click Save.

The payment will be submitted, and the invoice will be sent to the customer via PayPal to complete payment.