Product Inventory Sync, Purchasing Sync and Warehouse Management

Product Inventory Sync, Purchasing Sync and Warehouse Management

There is a mapping screen available in Acumatica to map the warehouses between Sellercloud and the two systems, both of which support setting up multiple warehouses.

For regularly used inventory management actions, Acumatica supports a wide range of features. A few of these include:

  • Purchase Orders and Purchase Receipts
  • Direct Inventory Receipts
  • Transfers of Inventory
  • Inventory Adjustments
  • Inventory Issues
  • Purchase Returns

When any of these transactions is completed in Acumatica, it has an impact on the total amount associated with a product. All of these inventory transactions are tracked in Acumatica, and whenever a change is detected, a notification is sent back to Sellercloud.

The inventory updates from Acumatica to Sellercloud use the Warehouses mapping page to identify the mapped Warehouse and notify Sellercloud.

Businesses can manage associating inventory available from a vendor as their own in few instances. This is referred as Vendor Inventory (Kensium’s CommercePro tool allows this data to be managed at the product level).

  • Navigate to  the Warehouse mapping page to map a Vendor in Acumatica with a Warehouse in Acumatica with a Warehouse in Sellercloud.

When an integration is configured to use and work with Kensium's CommercePro product, it will additionally monitor Vendor inventory data and transmit updates to the Sellercloud Warehouse based on the mapping defined.