Order Management

Order Management

The integration imports all orders from Sellercloud into Acumatica. Based on the field that indicates the order’s source. It  allows the order source to manage specific Acumatica order type. Alternatively, we can configure all sources to utilize a single order type.

To manage and sync orders, map the Sellercloud Payment Methods to Acumatica Payment Methods. In addition, there is an unique mapping of Sellercloud’s Shipping methods/options to Acumatica’s Ship methods.

Sellercloud imports Order Notes into Acumatica, allowing any specific processing or customer requirements to be met. These notes will be imported into Acumatica’s regular Order Notes field. Further, these are recorded as Customer Instructions notes in Sellercloud and are accessible.

Any remarks entered in the Customer Service notes field will be synced to Sellercloud and shown as Customer Service Notes.

The Sellercloud performs the following tasks when importing an order into Acumatica:

  • Validates if the customer with the ID/Email is already in Acumatica. If so, it make use of the current client record. If not available, a new record in Acumatica is created for that consumer.
  • Order information such as order date, projected delivery date, and order notes will be synced and imported.
  • Sellercloud allows you to import the order products, as well as any item-specific comments and data such as Discounts, Taxes, and so on. Import any order-specific tags for indicators such as Amazon Prime, Shipment Priority, and so on.
  • Payments at the order level are imported based on the Payments methods mapping settings.
  • Sellercloud continue to poll the imported Orders for any information relating to the order’s Profit & Loss information. It imports all of the information connected with the order’s multiple marketplace charge values. This data will be saved in custom fields in a separate tab under the order so that it may be used for financial analysis and reporting in Acumatica.
  • Every order successfully imported into Acumatica is tagged as exported in the Sellercloud platform. Further, system calls are optimized and retrieve only orders that have not yet been exported.


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