Steps to modify a PayPal invoice

Steps to modify a PayPal invoice

If an order changes during the lifecycle of an order, the PayPal invoice must be changed as well to ensure the customer’s payment is correct.

Steps to add a PayPal invoice

A PayPal invoice will have to be updated if items are added to a Sales Order after the invoice has already been sent.

  1. Navigate to the Sales Orders workspace and click Sales Orders.
  2. Select a Sales Order with a PayPal invoice request that has already been sent, but not yet paid.
  3. Add the line item(s) to the customer’s requested sales order.
  4. Click the PayPal Invoice tab.
  5. Click Save.

The pending invoice that was sent will be cancelled, and a new invoice will then populate with a new invoice reference number. The customer sees a cancelled invoice on their PayPal account for the previous amount and a new invoice for the updated total.

If the sales order changes, but the invoice’s payment has already been paid, a payment in Payments and Applications must be created with the sales order’s corresponding Acumatica invoice.

Steps to cancel a PayPal invoice

If a PayPal invoice request needs to be cancelled and the PayPal invoice is not paid, navigate to the Sales Order workspace, then click Sales Orders.

  1. Select the Sales Order with the PayPal invoice request that needs to be cancelled.
  2. Click on the PayPal Invoice tab.
    • Click Cancel PayPal Invoice.
    • A new line appears in the table indicating that the PayPal invoice is now cancelled.
    • The customer also sees that the invoice is now cancelled, and no longer has the option to pay the invoice.
    • If the PayPal invoice has already been paid, the invoice cannot be cancelled, and a refund must be made.

Steps to Refund a PayPal Invoice

  1. To refund a PayPal invoice, navigate to the Receivables workspace and select Payments and Applications.
  2. Click the (+) to create a new refund.
  3. Select the Customer to refund.
  4. Select the Payment Method PAYPAL.
  5. Select the Cash Account.
  6. Select the Type Customer Refund.
  7. Click (+) to add a new document under the Documents to Apply tab.
  8. Select the Document Type as Payment.
  9. Enter the Payment Reference Number.
    • This can be found on the sales order under the Payments tab.
  10. Enter the amount to be refunded to the customer in the Payment Amount field.
    • The PayPal Invoice tab will appear.
  11. Click the PayPal Invoice tab.
  12. Click Refund PayPal Invoice.
  13. A new line will appear on the table with a new PayPal Invoice number.

The invoice status will be listed as Partially Refunded or Fully Refunded depending on the amount refunded on the order.

The customer will receive a refund notice on the invoice in their PayPal account.