Pick SO

Pick SO

Pick SO (pick shipment order) feature can be used After creating a shipment in Acumatica, we can create a shipment after creating a new SO (Sales Order in Acumatica)

Create Shipment

And then, create the shipment for it and confirm it. This will create a shipment # which can be used in the Pick SO feature.

Confirm Shipment

Pick Icon

 We can use the Pick SO in our Android Device just by adding the Shipment # in Enter Shipment # field, if the shipment provided exists in Acumatica then a green mark icon will appear on the left of the shipment # and the next features will be available: Pick Items, Commit and Review, additionally the user will have a switch called “enter manual quantity”, if this option is enabled then the user can add manually the number of the items to be shipped when it is being picked.

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