Create pick

Create Pick

To create a wave pick from the Process Shipments screen you will select the action Create Wave Pick.

Create Wave Pick

When selected you will show a list of shipments available to add to a sales order. What appears in the grid are shipments where the pick list printer is not true. Once created you will be prompted to print. If you do not print at that time you can reprint from the wave pick list form in the reports section. And this is now available on the wave pick screen.

Note: If you have already printed a pick list for a shipment it will NOT appear in the selection criteria.

The Fusion Wave Pick Screen allows you to add/delete/modify wave picks before the picking process begins. Once the appropriate data is loaded for the Wave Pick you can then print the Wave Pick Picklist which is a report that is added to the FusionReports customization package.

Wave Pick Screen

When ready to pick you can now load the wave pick onto the handheld from the wave pick option.

Wave Pick Icon


Once we press this wave pick button, we will be able to see the wake pick screen asking for the wave pick list number.

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