Commit Pick

Commit Pick

The commit button has the functionality to send the current transactions of the wake pick to Acumatica, this button will be enabled if we already had picked at least one item.

Commit Button


After the commit is successful, we can see the transactions done in Acumatica, in the wake pick screen, the status will be changed to completed if all the items within the wave pick were all already picked, otherwise, it can be updated as a partial pick.

Status in Acumatica

for each shipment within the wake pick, the To Bin field will be updated to the default ship bin of the warehouse

Acumatica Shipment(s)

Additionally, will be created in Acumatica the transfers for each shipment: we can see the external ref. field as a reference for the shipment which has been picked

Acumatica Transfer(s)
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