Upgrading Fusion WMS

Upgrading FusionWMS

This document outlines what needs to happen when cutting over from test to live. If you have questions please contact support at wmssupport@fusionrms.com.

1.  Publishing New Packages in Acumatica

For detailed information on how to publish in Acumatica refer to the Acumatica help guide.

2.  Updating Handheld Server

The update of the handheld server can be done by logging into the portal: https://licenses.fusionrms.com/server

License Login

After logging in you will select servers. Click on your server to edit the information. You will need to edit the Server URL and Company name.

Edit Server

Click Save.

Next you will need to access the Devices option in the portal.

Select or Create a Device

Click connect. On the Connect Device screen you will be asked to select connect to generate a new pin for the handheld.

Connect Device

After selecting Connect you will receive a pin.

Device PIN

This will need to be entered in on the Handheld after the next step is complete. Please note you have 5 minutes to enter in the pin before it expires.

3.  Updating Handhelds

To update the handhelds you will access Google “Play Store” and search for FusionWMS. There you will be able to download the new installer by selecting Install. Follow the on-screen prompts to install the software. When launching the application for the first time after download, from the main login screen you will select “About”. Here you will select “Reset” and be prompted to enter the new pin you received in Step 2.

4.  Updating Ship Station and Printing

When ready to cut over to live for ship station and/or printing, you will need to access the configure screen at login.

Launch the program and select “Configure”. This will bring you to the configuration screen. Change the URL and Company ID and click save. Close the application and relaunch the program.

Configure Ship Station / Printing

You should now be logged into the new company. You should see the company name and the user you are logged in as in the Windows bar at the top of the screen.


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