Inventory issues allow your organization to track stock levels at warehouses.
Also, you can create inventory issues that are not linked to sales in the next situation:

To remove expired or damaged goods, follow the below process:

  • Click on the feature issues and activated o not the option Enter the manual quantity
  • Type the BIN you will pick the items
  • Take or select a photo with your device. In this section, you also can reset the picture you select or have taken.
  • Type the Item
  • If your item is item with serial/lot class type the correct one
  • And the Qty from this items if you item is a serial item the system will not request you the qty only the serial.
  • Repet this process many time you want from the same BIN or click on the up arrow and change the BIN and process your items.
  • After finish your process you can chosee the Receipt review button to check the items you will be process. (ITEM – SERIAL or LOT – QTY)
  • For Commit prees the commit button.
  • On Acumatica will created on the section Issues (IN302000) the reference number with the description “Fusion Adjustment”.

Go to Issues, then type the BIN that contains the item wiil assign as an issue.

Issues Button


Issues Page

Now scan the item, including any serial or lot number if applicable.

Scan Item

1.  Review

Press the Review button to check details about the issue.

Review Issue


2.  Import Photos

Put on the photo field to import an image about the issue. Reset the photos to remove the procces.

Photo Options


3. Commit

When finish scanning all the issues, press the confirm button(commit) that should already be enabled.




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