Receive PO

Receive PO

When receiving items at the warehouse, store, or distribution center it is imperative to have a quick and accurate count. Purchase Orders confirmed on the hand-held device with items and quantities immediately verified eliminating potential errors. FusionWMS can receive in whatever unit of measure is stipulated on the PO. Regardless of whether scanning UPC codes or item bar codes, Fusion assures 100% accuracy. Once processed, printing inventory labels can be managed from the handheld with FusionWMS automatically discerning which items require labels and the number of labels to be printed. The receiver will automatically post into your accounting system.

Receiving Flow

In order to receive a PO, it must be in an open status.

Approve PO

We can use the Receive PO feature in our Android Device just by scanning or typing the PO # in Enter PO # field if the PO provided exists in Acumatica then a green mark icon will appear on the left of the PO # and the next features will be available: Receive Item, Receive order and Review order, additionally, the user will have a switch called “enter manual quantity” if this option is enabled then the user can add manually the number of the items to be received in the PO.

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