Pick then Pack

Pick then Pack

Pick then Pack assumes a two-step process where shipments are first picked. This will move the picked items to a designated location (Typically SHIP). There, a second process, Pack, allows for the assembly of containers.

1.  Pick

Once a shipment is loaded onto the handheld, the user is presented with the ability to REVIEW (the pick), CANCEL, or PICK ITEMS. PICK ITEMS will present the user with the items in pick sequence order. The process is to scan/enter the location, the item and enter the quantity. If entering the lot or serial number is required the user will be prompted for the same for confirmation. Note there is the ability to require scanning each item rather than entering the quantity if desired.

Pick Page


Scan Item


When all items have been picked, COMMIT will be available. This will transfer the items to the Shipping Location for the Warehouse as defined and update the Pick Status of the shipment in Acumatica to Picked.

2.  Pack

Select PACK to pack shipments which have been picked. Note to be eligible to PACK items must be in the Shipping Location and the shipment must be marked Picked. The capabilities of PACK will depend on what modules are installed.

a.  FusionWMS


b.  FusionWMS Advanced – Pallet Management 

Advanced introduces several features including containers. Containers typically refer to pallets however they may refer to totes, boxes, i.e., any container in which items are packed. When Advanced is added, the PACK function now includes the option to pack to a container.

c.  FusionWMS MultiPack

MultiPack allows for the packing of different items in a box and then putting that box in another box or pallet. (See MultiPack for further details.) MultiPack allows for the creation of an inner pack.

After loading the shipment to be packed, the user is presented with the following menu. The first step is to create any required inner packs. Select PACK INNER PACKS and scan items into the inner pack. To add a new inner pack select Inner Pack. To move between inner packs, select Inner Pack and then select the target Inner pack into which the next item is to be packed.

Pack Page