Pick and Pack

Pick & Pack

Pick & Pack requires FusionWMS Advanced and assumes that containers are assembled during the pick. For a large LTL or TL shipment the picker will grab a pallet or stack of boxes and begin assembling the one or more container(s) while picking. The picker is required to select a container prior to beginning picking.

Pick to Container

Pick & Pack Page


  1. REVIEW. At any time prior to selecting SAVE, the user may review packed items by selecting REVIEW which will display the containers with contents.
  2. SAVE. When items are packed as desired, select SAVE which will create the containers in Acumatica. Note, packages on the Acumatica shipment are not created until COMMIT.
  3. WEIGH & COMMIT. Once packed and created the user may now enter the weight of the container by scanning/selecting the container and entering the weight. With the weight entered. selecting COMMIT will create the packages on the Acumatica Shipment along with the box dimensions and weight.
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