Pick , Pack and Ship

Pick, Pack & Ship

For picking or packing a single shipment, FusionWMS provides three basic pick/pack processes depending on the modules purchased. The mechanics of the pick process remains the same throughout. Shipments may load to the handheld through scanning / entering the shipment number or by selecting “get next” which will automatically present the next shipment in queue. All picks share similar mechanical processes but add functionality for more complex environments. (For the purposes of this discussion a container includes any box defined in Acumatica including pallets.)

  • Logon. To engage the handheld, the user simply logs on with their Acumatica Username and Password.
  • Settings. Settings are accessed by selecting the three dots on the top right of the main menu.
    • Warehouse. A warehouse will default to the handheld with logon; however, the user may change warehouse if needed.
      • Pallet Stock Location. Set up PStock or PalletStock as an Active location in the warehouse to be included in quantity available, with sales, receipts, transfers and assembly allowed. Set the Pick Priority to a relatively high number so other locations are allocated from prior to Pallet Stock.
      • Pallet Ship Location. Set up PShip or PalletShip as an Active location in the warehouse to be included in quantity available, with sales, receipts, transfers, and assembly allowed. Set the Pick Priority to 999. This location is used to store pallet IDs and contents for shipments in process or completed.
      • Pick Sequence. By default, Acumatica will route the picker through the warehouse in Location ID sequence. Often this is not optimum. When defined, the Pick sequence overrides this routing and allows for optimum pick flow. When used in tandem with Zones
      • Zone. If Zones are used, the user may also select the zone in which they are operating. Examples of a Zone would be an external yard, freezer, bulk storage, etc. If zones are used, FusionWMS will split a single pick list by zone so that the user will only see picks within their zone. When their pick is complete, they can declare or view the staging area where the other picked items on the shipment are located.
      • To use zones first go to the zone tab in the warehouse setup and add Zone IDs with their respective descriptions. Then put the zone adjacent to the Acumatica Location ID. When using zones, the Pick Sequence will now define the route within the zone as well as in the warehouse. From the handheld the operator may select one or all zones.
  • Staging. FusionWMS, staging is a free form field on each shipment. It is visible from the handheld and on the Acumatica shipment screen and used to identify where a pick is staged pending further action. Actions may include waiting for items on the shipment picked in different zone, cross docked items, additional manufactured items, etc.

Regardless of the process, the FusionWMS handheld user engagement remains constant.