The goal of this feature is to pack all the items of a shipment which is already “picked” This way the shipment status will be changed to “pack” and all the items picked will be sent to another bin
the default receiving pallet bin

  • After creating a shipment, we normally pick all the items of the shipment and the shipment status will become “Picked/partially picked”
  • The next step will be packing the picked items
  • pack so can load shipments which are in picked /partial picked/packed/partial packed status
  • if the shipment has already at least 1 pallet assigned to the shipment, when we start packing, we should assign the existing container created previously by default, user can create another or use the same pallet.
  • we need to define shipment pallet location in the warehouse which we are using this bin will be used to pack the items, all the items packed will be sent to that pallet bin when commit the pack.packing means: we have a shipment picked, lets pack it .
  • pack screen will have a similar functionality as the current pick SO has, the menu will show 5 buttons: pack, commit, review ,unload and pallets
  • When the user press pack button the system will ask to the user to start to packing all the items of the shipment, the screen will have the option to create or assing a pallet which the item will be packed
  • after finish to pack all the items automatically will show the pack menu and the shipment in Acumatica status in acumatica will be “packed” and all the bins of  items packed will be updated to the default pallet of the warehouse
  • review option will have other sub-option to unpack the items
  • containers button the user can manage all the packed items of the current shipment, we can add new containers,view the content of each container or delete the container and all the items packed
  • unload button will undo all the changes of the current shipment and we need to re-load other picked shipment again

Go to pack icon and press on it, then choice the shipment and press Load; previously it must be contained with at least an item on “picked” status

Pack Icon


Once done, the system will enable the next actions to use:

  • Pack Items
  • Confirm
  • Review
  • Unload
  • Pallets

1.  Pack items

Once shipment is loaded, press pack items action to select the items to pack. Previously to this, you must make the pick appropriate to each item. System will provide a suggested item to select. Also, there is the option to charge a photo.

Items Button


Pack Items


Photo Options


2.  Pallets

Press pallets to select the items to pack by related pallet. Previously to this, you must make the pick appropriate to each item. The system will provide a suggested item to select. Also, there is the option to charge a photo.

Pallets Button




3.  View Contents

Check the pallet content with View Contents button

View Button


View Contents



Press Delete to remove the pallet selected.

Delete Button


Confirm Deletion


5. Review

Check the items/pallets; already scanned, of the current packing. Press reset to remove the pack.

Review Button


Review Pallet


Additional Comments: Select an item and press on, System will bring the RESET option; to remove the shipping choices.

6.  Unload

The load shipment will be annulled by this action.

Unload Pallet


7.  Commit

When finish scanning all the items/pallets of the shipment, press the confirm button(commit) that should already be enabled. After commit in Acumatica the shipment status become “Packed”.

Commit Pallet



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