Sales Order – Customizable Kits

Sales Order – Customizable Kits

Create Sales Order – Customizable KIT

  1. Navigate to the Sales Order in Acumatica and select the order for which you would like to add or edit KIT items.
  2. When you have successfuly established connection with Customizable KIT connector, you will see a sub-menu as Customizable KIT for an order.

Customizable KIT

Add KIT Items:

  1. Under Details tab, click + icon to add a new KIT item and assign the quantity and unit price.
    • All components are added with reference field, implying that the components were part of the KIT item that was added.
  2. Upon completion of adding kit specifications, enable the checkbox for Customizable KIT

Modify KIT Items:

Inspect all linked stock/non-stock components and adjust the quantity for each item as needed.

  1. Under Details tab, click Edit  icon to modify the KIT quantity and unit price.
  2. In addition, click on Customizable Kits toolbar to adjust the quantity of Stock or Non-stock items and to enable the Variance to kit quantity.

Adjust KIT quantity