Customizable Kits

Customizable Kits

The Product Configurator has three product types.

  1. In Acumatica, Template Item is developed to facilitate Configurable Products.
  2. As a replacement for “Grouped,” Kensium designed and released a brand-new product called as “Customizable Kits”.
  3. “Bundle” has been replaced with “Build Your Own” with product serialization.
Customizable KITS are groupings of promotional items that are pre-packaged and offered for sale at a single price. The term "custom" refers to the products chosen, the branding applied to them, as well as the packaging.


Customizable KIT is the same as grouped products, it allows businesses to customize KIT components of a product. You can create and modify the current Non-Stock KIT components and proceed with order creation and alternate KIT components.

  • Customizable KIT is an extended feature within Acumatica.
  • Using native KIT specifications from Acumatica, it is possible to manage the product mapping with all of its child components.
  • Customizable KIT allows us to define quantity on fly for the Non-stock KIT components which offer a quick and simple approach to declare quantity at the order level.

Key Benefits:

  1. Native KIT in Acumatica and specification panels are being used to set up CKits.
  2. To strengthen the KIT feature, Customizable KITs has custom rules that have been created by employing already-existing Acumatica capabilities.
  3. On an order, the KIT components will explode and position themselves on top of the KIT items.
  4. Ability to view all the underlying components to ensure that component selection is done accurately.