Shipping Restriction Zones

CommercePro Shipping Restriction Zones

Shipping Restrictions Update for Acumatica 2021 R2 and Above

Includes a ship via restriction.

  • When “ALLOW to zones” is configured, then it allows to ship only when both the same ship via and Zone are used on order.

    • If “DO NOT ALLOW to zones” is configured, and the order contains either a restricted ship via or zone, the order will not be eligible to ship.

  • The rule is defined under the order type, only that order type will check for the conditions.

  • The rule can be defined with “On Hold” status only for the “DO NOT ALLOW to zones” option.

The shipping restriction zone logic is built based on an order that matches the following case:

  1. Product + State.

  2. Product + State + Ship via

For a state, if the postal code is entered that would take a higher priority.

Shipping Restriction Zones

Stay in compliance with regulations and laws by configuring Acumatica to apply restriction zones when shipping stock items based on location, item class, and inventory items.

To Enable this Feature

  1. Go to the Inventory workspace.

  2. Under Common Settings, select Shipping Restriction Zones.

  3. Select a Zone ID.

  4. Select a Restriction Rule.

    1. The restriction rule to “Do Not Allow…” will always override the “Only Allow…” rule.

  5. Enter a Description.

  6. Click the (+) sign.

  7. Select the Country.

  8. Select the State(s).

  9. Enter a Zip.

  10. Select any or all shipping restriction types:

    1. Complete the Restriction Addresses table.  Use this for specifying the restriction areas for the Zone ID.

    2. Complete the Applicable Item Classes table, to specifying the restricted item classes for the area.

    3. Complete the Applicable Inventory Items table, to specify the restricted inventory items for the area.

  11. Click Save.

How to Apply

  1. Add restricted inventory items for a specific area.

  2. Create a sales order.

  3. Save and create a shipment.

    1. The system will display a restriction zone error message.