Quick Kits

CommercePro Quick Kits

Bypass Acumatica’s Kit Assembly screen and assemble kits while speaking to customers or any time on the fly.

New for Acumatica 2021 R1 and Above

Under Quick Kits Assembly Management, when the checkbox for Allow Dynamic Kit Assembly for Quick Kits is checked, all Quick Kit options will be available.

For the options of Create Kit Assembly on Sales Order Update and Create Kit Assembly on Shipment Creation, you will only be able to select one of these options at a time.

Order Type Screen

If you create a new Order Type without selecting the “Override Quick Kits Configuration” checkbox and save this Order Type, then the Sales Order Preference screen “Quick kit Assembly management” configuration will display on the Order Type screen.

If you checked “Override”, then the only available option will be “Allow dynamic kit assembly for quick kit.”


  1. Create a new kit product and the child items.

  2. From Order Type, if “Create Kit Assembly on Sales order Update” is checked, and it’s not allocated, if you create a Sales Order based on the “KK” Order type and provide the line item as a parent kit and save, you will get the default error message.

  3. Navigate to the Process Quick Kits screen, then process, to get the new Sales Order.

  4. Navigate to the Sales Order screen for the order and confirm that the line item is allocated.

  5. On the Order Type screen, select the checkbox for “Create kits assembly on shipment creation.”

  6. Create a new Sales Order using the order type of “KK,” you will not receive the default error message.

  7. On the Process Kit screen, the new Sales Order will not show up and in it will not be allocated.

  8. Click Create Shipment.

  9. Once you create the shipment, if you check the Sales Order screen, the line item will be allocated.

  10. Confirm the shipment.

Quick Kits

To Enable this Feature

  1. Go to the Sales Orders workspace.

  2. Click Sales Orders Preferences, under the Preferences menu.

  3. Go to the Shipments for Quick Kits section.

  4. Select the Allow Dynamic Kit Assembly for Quick Kits checkbox.

    1. Upon the creation of a shipment, Quick Kits will be assembled.

  5. Select the Allow Dynamic Kit Disassembly for Quick Kits checkbox.

    1. Upon the creation of a return receipt with a quick kit, Quick Kits will be disassembled.

  6. Select the Update Note checkbox, if applicable.  This is for enabling the quick kit Reason Code field on the Sales Order screen.

  7. Select a Reason Code, if applicable.  This is used for selecting a sales reason for the quick kit and displayed on the sales order screen.

  8. Click Save.

Create a Kit

  1. Go to the Inventory workspace.

  2. Click Stock Item, under the Profiles menu.

  3. Click the (+) to create a stock item.

  4. Add a stock item.

  5. Select the Is a Kit checkbox.

  6. Click Save.

Create a Quick Kit

  1. Go to the Inventory workspace.

  2. Click Kit Specifications, under the Profiles menu.

  3. Select the Quick Kit checkbox.

  4. Add the Stock Components and Non-Stock Components.

  5. Click Save.

In the standard process to create a kit, users must define the kit structure on the Kit Specifications screen.

  • The kit is pre-assembled in a warehouse based on the entries made on the Kit Assembly screen.

  • The Quick Kit checkbox enables the kit to be assembled upon receipt of a shipment assuming all quantities are available in inventory.

  • This is recommended for those situations where it makes sense for certain products that require additional components can be sold as a kit when if quantities are available.

  • This would not apply to all products.

Examples of Quick Kits

Bad Example of a Quick Kit

  • Computer assemblies (requires memory, storage, security, CPU, and monitor. These components require a specific assembly to the product configuration for normal operation and does not make sense to be sold as a kit.)

Good Example of a Quick Kit

  • Baseball kit (2 bats and 2 balls do not require a specific assembly process and can sold as a quick kit if individual quantities are available.)

 How to Apply

  1. Create a sales order.

  2. Add the newly created quick kit.

  3. Select a quantity.

  4. Click Save.

    1. The system will display the available kit inventory in the footer of the screen so that a quick kit can be assembled by customer service or warehouse representative.  This is based on the quantity of the components available.

  5. Complete the order by processing a payment and creating a shipment.


Kits must be assembled after a kit has been added to the Sales Order. Quick Kits that have been made in Acumatica can be assembled in bulk with the Process Quick Kits processing screen. Navigate to the Sales Order workspace and click Process Quick Kits. A table of existing Sales Orders with Quick Kits will appear.

  1. Toggle on the Sales Orders that are required for kit assembly.

  2. Click Process.

The Quick Kits will then assemble for each corresponding Sales Order that has been toggled. Alternatively, clicking Process All will assemble all Sales Orders present. This processing screen can be set on a schedule for routine processing.

The Kit Assembly screen will now display the Sales Order in which the quick kit was assembled.