Kit Number Display

CommercePro Kit Number Display

Calculate Kit Quantity Screen

Introduced for Acumatica versions 2021 R1 and above.

The Calculate Kit Qty process takes the date and time from the Inventory preferences screen and runs the process from this date/time. If the date/time is empty, then it would consider all Kit items and calculate the Kit Qty and update at every individual Stock Item that is marked as “Is a kit.”

  • The Inventory Preferences screen updates with Current Date -1 and runs for all kit items which get updated.

  • At the Stock Items screen, if a product marked as “Is a Kit,” then the Kit Qty Last Calculated Date is updated with the date/time the process started minus 10 minutes.

Kit Number Display

Users can view available kit quantities from the Sales Order screen.  This allows customer service representatives to know how many kits can be sold.

To Enable this Feature

  1. Navigate to the Inventory workspace.

  2. Click Item Classes, under the Preferences menu.

  3. View the General Settings tab.

  4. View the Kit Availability On SO section.

  5. Select the Display Kit Availability Qty checkbox.

  6. Click Save.

How to Apply

  1. Create a kit.

  2. Create a sales order for the kit.

    1. The system displays the kit inventory levels in the footer of the sales orders screen.

Note – The Kit Quantity can also be displayed on the Stock Item screen for the kit once the Kit Specifications have been created.