Kit Calculator

CommercePro Kit Calculator

A new drop down on the Kit Specification screen makes kit pricing flexible and auto-calculates according to the stock items in the kit.

The Kit Calculator feature saves the time of having to adjust a kit if the price of a child item within the kit changes.

To Enable this Feature

  1. Navigate to the Inventory workspace.

  2. Select Kit Specifications under the Profiles menu.

  3. Select an Inventory ID. Make sure the kit is active in the stock items screen.

  4. Add Stock Components or Non-Stock Components to the kit.

  5. Complete the Kit Pricing section.

    1. Select the Type.

      1. Calculated: Use this to auto-adjust the kit price based on the child items’ price.

      2. Fixed: Use this to maintain a set kit price.

        1. This can be used to sell the kit components at a discounted price.

    2. Add the Percentage.  This is the discount percentage of the kit price.  Enter a percentage to auto-adjust a kit’s sales price.

      1. Example: Entering “95” in the percentage field will apply a 5% discount.

    3. Add the Price.  This is the kit price.

  6. Click Save.