S3 Image Integration via AWS

S3 Image Integration via AWS

Upload images into Amazon Web Services (AWS) to sync with Stock Items and Composite Items in Acumatica.

This feature allows merchants to store image files for stock and non-stock items in AWS rather than Acumatica, reducing impact on storage limits. Image URLs can be shared across eCommerce channels to maximize product visibility.

Enable this Feature

  1. Establish an Amazon Web Services account.

  2. When logged in to AWS, select Services, then S3 Images.

  3. Click Create Bucket and enter the name of the bucket you are creating.

    1. All bucket names must be unique.

  4. Select a region based on your primary sales region.

    1. Use this region for all buckets created. This region will be specified when setting up this feature in Acumatica.

  5. When the bucket has been created, select the bucket.

    1. Create a folder or folders that correspond to your inventory structure. You may also create a new bucket with additional folders.

How to Apply

  1. In Acumatica, go to the Inventory workspace.

  2. Select Inventory Preferences.

  3. Click Amazon Settings.

    1. Select the region name of your bucket(s).

    2. Enter your AWS Access Keys and click Refresh Bucket.

    3. Toggle the bucket(s) you wish to grab images from.

  4. Select the Item Classes that the images will be applicable to.

  5. Select the Image Association Preferences for the S3 images available.

    1. Search and Associate Image by File Name Starting with SKU – images uploaded to an Amazon bucket with file names that begin with SKUs will be identified and synced with the associated product. Image files must begin with the Acumatica Inventory ID in the image file name for it to automatically associate with the stock item in Acumatica (e.g., if Acumatica Inventory ID for the stock item is WATERBOTTLE7, the image file(s) should be WATERBOTTLE7_1.jpg, WATERBOTTLE7_2.jpg, etc.)

    2. Search and Associate Image by Folder Name Matching with SKU – the same principle as File Name association applies here but for folders. This is to say a folder of images in the bucket with name WATERBOTTLE7 will have all images in this folder associated and synced with the respective Inventory ID WATERBOTTLE7.

  6. Create a new Stock Item or select an existing Stock Item that you wish to apply an image to.

  7. In AWS, upload the image(s) into a folder or bucket by selecting Upload.

    1. On the Select Files screen, click Add Files and select the image files you would like to upload. When finished, click Next.

    2. On the Set Permissions screen, toggle the Manage Public Permissions dropdown menu to “Grant public read access to this object(s)” and click Next.

    3. On the Set Properties screen, click Next.

    4. On the Review screen, click Upload. Your images will now be uploaded into the bucket.

  8. Select the image(s) that was uploaded and click Make Public to ensure that the images can be seen in Acumatica.

  9. In Acumatica, on the Stock Item screen click the S3 Images tab.

    1. Click Refresh S3 Images. Your images will appear.

In addition, image URLs may be added directly to the Stock Item by clicking the (+) icon and entering in the URL in the appropriate field.


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