Auto-Assign Product Categories

CommercePro Auto-Assign Product Categories

Note – Auto-Assign Product Categories benefits retailers needing to list products by category and sub-categories for easy site navigation.

The Category and Rule ID will automatically run the process for categorizing once the defined conditions have been satisfied for existing or new products. For products that previously had categories and rule ID’s assigned, the newly created Category Rule will be assigned and remove the existing category.

Note – Make sure numbering ID’s have been created.  This step is optional, since it is standard to Acumatica’s inventory processes.

  1. Add the numbering sequence for the category rule.

  2. Go to the Configuration workspace.

  3. Click Numbering Sequences. This will be the number range for the product category you wish to auto-assign.

  4. Create a Numbering ID.

  5. Enter a Description.

Enable this Feature

  1. Go to the Inventory workspace.

  2. Click Category Rules, under the Profiles menu item.

  3. Go to the Inventory Preferences screen.

  4. Click the Category Rules tab.

  5. Select the Category Rule Numbering Sequence drop-down field.

  6. Select the Stock Items/Composite Stock Items checkbox, if applicable to the category rule and numbering sequence selected.

  7. Select the Non-Stock Items/Composite Non-Stock Items checkbox, if applicable to the category rule and numbering sequence selected.

  8. Click Save.

How to Apply

  1. Go to the Inventory workspace.

  2. Click Category Rules.

  3. Add a Rule ID.

  4. Add a Description.

  5. Click the (+) in the Configure Rules table.

    1. Select the Data Field. This is an element or condition of the product that should be searched and grouped together for the product category.

    2. Select the Active checkbox.  Deselect this checkbox to disable the condition from the category rule configuration.

    3. Select a Value 1. This is the value associated with the data field that should be matched to auto-assign the product to the category.

    4. Select a Value 2, when applicable.

    5. Select an Operate type.

  6. Click Save.

  7. Go to the Apply Categories table.

    1. Click the (+).

    2. Select a Category.  This is an Item Class or sub-item class that the category rule should apply to.

    3. Select a Category Path.  This is the location of the Item Class in the hierarchy tree for item classes.  Leave black if using a top tier item class reference.

  8. Click Save.

Assign the Category Rules

  1. Go to the Inventory workspace.

  2. Click Update Item Category Based on Rules.

  3. Select an Inventory ID, and the row’s checkbox.

  4. Click Process.

  5. Go to the Stock Items screen, or Composite Stock Items screen where applicable.

  6. Click the Attributes tab.

  7. Confirm the categories were added to the stock item or composite stock item that the rules apply.

Troubleshooting Tips

For difficulties mapping sales category, verify the item class has the correct category rule assigned to it.

  • Verify the correct data fields are being used to set the rule condition(s).

Note – Like most Acumatica processes, the Update Item Class Based on Category Rule screen can be scheduled to refresh data at set day(s) and time(s).