Installing and Licensing CommercePro

Installing and Licensing CommercePro

Installation Process

To install the Commerce Pro package in Acumatica, navigate to: System Management > Customization > Customization Projects. Ensure you have the latest package saved locally on your computer.

  1. Go to the System Management workspace.

  2. Click Customization Projects, under the Profiles menu.

  3. Click the Import button.

  4. Select Import New Project.

    1. Select the Commerce Pro *.zip file from a local folder.

    2. Click Upload.

  5. Select the checkbox/row for the name of the *.zip file.

  6. Click Save.

  7. Click the Publish button.

Publish for a Specific Company

To publish a package for a specific company or set of companies, click the down arrow on the Publish button.

  1. Select Publish to Multiple Tenants.

    • The Publish to Multiple Tenants pop-up screen will appear.

  2. Select the checkbox(es) for the company names for which you want to publish the package.

  3. Click OK.

Licensing and Activation for CommercePro

Note – Use of CommercePro requires an active license.

On all Commerce Pro customization screens (Stock Items, Inventory Preferences, Sales Orders, Kit Specifications, etc.) a default reminder link is displayed: Running in Demo Activate License.

  • After the package installation, Commerce Pro includes a 15-day demo period.

    • Users can activate the Commerce Pro license at any time during the demo period.

    • The Activate License link allows users to enter a Commerce Pro license key after the expiration of the demo period or any time during the demo period.

Note – Once the demo period has expired a default reminder will display Demo Mode Expired Activate License.

Activate the License

  1. Enter the required fields in the Personal Information section.

    1. Company

    2. First Name

    3. Last Name

    4. Email ID

    5. Phone Number

    6. Country

  2. After completing the Personal Information section, an automated request is sent to the Kensium licensing team.

    1. The license management team sends the user the license key.

  3. Enter the required license key in the License Information section.

  4. Click Submit.

Note – The Commerce Pro license will be saved in Acumatica.