Multi-Website Support

Multi-Website Support

Merchants administering multiple websites can associate them with individual branches to ensure that inventory in Acumatica is mapped to the appropriate site or online storefront.

This feature is beneficial for retailers selling products with multiple variations based on the region market or branch store.

  • This allows retailers to track product sales according to the branch name.

To Create a Branch

  1. Create a Branch ID for each website.

  2. Go to the Configuration workspace.

  3. Select Branches, under the Organization menu.

  4. Click (+) to add a new Branch.

  5. Enter a Branch ID.

  6. Select the Active checkbox.

  7. Enter a Branch Name.

  8. Select a Company.

    1. Complete the Main Contact fields.

    2. Complete the Main Address fields.

  9. Click Save.

 To Enable this Feature

  1. Go to the Receivables workspace.

  2. Select Customer Classes under the Preferences menu.

  3. Click a Class ID to add websites as Branches.

  4. Go to the Multi-Branch Support section.

  5. Select the Website(s) you want to add as a Branch.

  6. Click Save.

In Acumatica, this screen displays where vendor inventory can be found.

  • This is a summary of the branch to warehouse relationships, where a corresponding branch or website receives it inventory from a particular warehouse in Acumatica.

Also, the last column called Include Vendor Inventory is to denote that if the physical inventories are not on hand, they are still available through the vendor.  This helps identifies the relationship for the branches who have access to direct vendor inventories.

To Refresh and Schedule Vendor Inventory Data Counts

  1. Select the Update the Vendor Inventory Data checkbox.

  2. Click the Schedule icon.

  3. Select Add.

    1. The Automation Schedules pop-up window will appear.

  4. Enter a Description for the scheduled process (Daily AM, Kensium Branch, Customer Data).

  5. Select a Starts On date.

  6. Select an Expires On date or select No Expiration Date if applicable.

  7. Select a Process with Branch, if you want to process specific branch(es) at scheduled times.

  8. Click Save.

How to Apply

  1. Create a new Sales Order.

  2. Select a website from the Branch field.

    1. The system will display any available websites in the Branch field.

  3. Select an Inventory ID.

  4. Enter the Quantity.

  5. Go to the Payment Settings tab.

  6. Enter the payment details.

  7. Click Save.

The system should allow the creation of new sales orders, using the Stock Items from a website.

To verify branches from external sites and manage their inventory exchanges, visit the Branch Wise Inventory Association screen.


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