Duplicate Order Check – Unique Reference IDs

Duplicate Order Check – Unique Reference IDs

Enabling the system to verify a unique reference ID upon receipt of an external data exchange provides an additional layer of data integrity, minimizing order duplication.

Enable this Feature

  1. Go to the Sales Orders workspace.

  2. Select Sales Orders Preferences, under the Preferences menu.

  3. Go to the Order Uniqueness section.

  4. Select the Unique External Reference Number checkbox.

  5. Select the screen acronym(s) in the Order Types drop-down field.  This enables the External Reference Number field to display on selected screens in Acumatica.

    1. To view the list of order types, go to the Sales Orders workspace, then click Order Types. The Order Types screen will appear listing all available order types.

      1. Custom Order types may be created using one of the default order descriptions, enabling the recently created Order type to behave as a default type.

  6. Click Save.

The system will verify a unique customer order number during the import process from the merchant site.

How to Apply

  1. Create a Sales Orders on an eCommerce site.

  2. Make sure the eCommerce site is configured via an Acumatica Connector.

  3. If using the BigCommerce or Shopify Connector:

    1. Go to the Connector’s Exchange screen.

    2. Run the import orders exchange, for the eCommerce store.

    3. Go the Request Log screen to verify all imported sales orders were assigned a unique reference ID.

Magento Connector users can validate the unique external reference IDs on the eCommerce site.

Unique customer order numbers are generated in the eCommerce site upon the completion of an order.

  • The customer’s unique order number is sent to Acumatica during the integration process to identify the order as unique.

    • The customer’s order number from the eCommerce site is received and displays on a customer’s sales order screen.

    • For non eCommerce merchants (B2B), this unique order number is the same as the purchase order number.

External reference ID’s can be verified on the Sales Order screen.

  1. Open a Sales Order number in the Request Log, then view the External Reference field.

    1. This field will only be populated after a data exchange.