Duplicate Order Check – Customer Orders

Duplicate Order Check – Customer Orders

Administrators can enable Acumatica to require a system check for duplicate orders.  The Duplicate Order Check feature helps eliminate the creation of duplicate sales orders during the data integration process.

How to Enable this Feature

  1. Go to the Sales Orders workspace.

  2. Click Sales Order Preferences, under the Preferences menu.

  3. Go to the Order Uniqueness section.

  4. Select the Unique Customer Order Number checkbox.

  5. Select the screen acronym(s) in the Order Types drop-down field.  This enables the External Reference Number field to display on selected screens in Acumatica.

  6. Click Save.

The system will verify a unique customer order number during the import process from the merchant site.

To view the list of order types, navigate to the Sales Orders workspace and select Order Types.

  • The Order Types screen will appear, listing all available Order types.

  • Custom Order types may be created by using one of the default order descriptions, which enables this recently created Order type to behave as a default Order type.


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