Muti-Channel User Accounts (Duplicate Customer Record Check)

Multi-Channel User Accounts (Duplicate Customer Record Check)

Ecommerce integrators can ensure that customer profiles and order history are associated with a single contact record.  Settings to require an email address on the Customer screen and a requirement for the email address to be unique can be enabled.

Process to Enable this Feature

  1. Go to the Receivables workspace.

  2. Under the Preferences men, click Customer Classes.

  3. Select a Customer Class to configure email settings.

  4. Select the Require Email Address checkbox.

    1. Confirms that all orders will require an email address to be entered.

  5. Select the Email Address Is Unique checkbox.

  6. Select the Ignore Existing Records with Blank Values checkbox if you want to ignore blank email entries in a customer’s profile.

    1. This feature is used in conjunction with the Require Email Address function, to assist in the database cleanup process.

      1. To check for duplicate emails and view all customer email addresses – create a Generic Inquiry report via the Customization drop-down menu.

    2. Selecting the Ignore Existing Records with Blank Values checkbox triggers the system to perform a back-end search of existing customer email address fields that are blank.

      1. Though the system will require future customer email addresses be unique for each account – this function can ignore the blank entries of existing customer accounts and require an email entry at the time of their next order.

  7. Enter an email address to ignore in the Ignore Existing Record field, where applicable.

  8. Select the Uniqueness Across value from the drop-down menu.  This allows the user to identify whether the email settings should apply across the entire company, to all store branches, or to only projects.

    1. The purpose of the Uniqueness Across feature is to prevent the merging of email addresses between different sites.

      1. If orders are received from eBay and Amazon, with a unique customer email address, the customer’s orders will be merged, instead of separated by site.

      2. The uniqueness across setting lets businesses ensure there’s a unique email for each customer order for different companies, branches, or project.

      3. Even if an email address is the same, it is still unique for the company, branch, or project.

  9. Click Save.

How to Apply this Feature

  1. Create two customer profiles using an identical email address.

Note – The system will display an error message requiring a unique email address.