Reconciliation in Acumatica

Reconciliation in Acumatica for ChannelAdvisor

ChannelAdvisor Sales Order Reconciliation

The Sales Order Reconciliation Screen allows users to see the status of all orders processed by the connector based on a selected date and site. Simply select the date and the site ID and click Prepare. The orders from ChannelAdvisor from that date will populate.

These results may be exported to a .csv file.

ChannelAdvisor Sales Orders Reconciliation

ChannelAdvisor Sales Orders Reconciliation screen

ChannelAdvisor Shipment Reconciliation

The Shipment Reconciliation screen provides users with the opportunity to see the status of shipment syncs between Acumatica and ChannelAdvisor. Select the date and click Prepare to see the ChannelAdvisor status of shipments and syncs. Any errors or discrepancies, such as shipment status changes differing between systems, will be highlighted.

ChannelAdvisor Product Reconciliation

Data must first be prepared on the ChannelAdvisor Product Reconciliation screen. This process allows for product data to be pulled in on a view-only basis from ChannelAdvisor.

  1. Select the date and store, then click Prepare to gather data.

  2. Navigate to the ChannelAdvisor Product Reconciliation Details page.

  3. Select the store and one of the following entities:

    1. Price

    2. Attributes

    3. Quantity

    4. Labels

    5. Images