Variation Relationship Setup

ChannelAdvisor Variation Relationship Setup

Variation Relationships are a way to map Acumatica configurable products to ChannelAdvisor attribute pairings.

If the Product Configurator package or configurable products are not a part of your Acumatica instance, this feature will not be available.

This defines the relationship between two attributes that will occur on a configurable product.

For example, with an item class such like Shoes, the size and color of the shoes must be configured for each shoe. Creating a variation relationship will attach the attributes of “Size” and “Color” to each item in the “Shoe” item class.

Variation Relationship in ChannelAdvisor

If a variation relationship doesn’t exist in ChannelAdvisor, one must be created.

  1. In ChannelAdvisor, navigate to the Products tab and click Variation Relationships.

  2. Click Create New Variation Relationship.

  3. Enter a Relationship Name.

    1. This name needs to be the same as the Relationship ID and Name as it was in Acumatica.

  4. Enter the Component Name.

  5. Enter the Attribute that corresponds to the Component

  6. Click Save.

Variation Relationship in Acumatica

  1. In Acumatica, navigate to the ChannelAdvisor workspace and click Variation Relationship Setup.

  2. Enter a Relationship ID

    1. This must match the Relationship Name in ChannelAdvisor to sync.

  3. Enter a Relationship Name.

    1. It’s a best practice to enter in the same name as the relationship appears in ChannelAdvisor for clarity and organization.

  4. Select an Item Class

  5. Select Attribute 1 and Attribute 2 for the configurable product that is being mapped.

    1. Only 2 attributes can be configured into a Variation Relationship in Acumatica.

  6. Select Save.

Variation Relationship setup in Acumatica

Repeat until all product variations are configured.