Payment Method Mapping

ChannelAdvisor Payment Method Mapping

Payment Methods exist in both Acumatica and ChannelAdvisor and must be mapped to indicate the relationship between them. This provides consistency with orders when syncing between Acumatica and ChannelAdvisor.

Payment Method Mapping in ChannelAdvisor

  1. In the ChannelAdvisor Merchant Site, navigate to Payment Methods in the Sales tab.

  2. Toggle on the checkboxes of the Payment Methods that are used by the marketplace.

  3. Add Custom Payment Methods.

    1. Click Create New Payment Option.

    2. Enter a Payment Method Name.

    3. Create a Display for Checkout name.

    4. Toggle the Validation Rules.

    5. Click Save.

Payment methods can be managed in ChannelAdvisor by referencing this page. This references the type of payment methods available in the marketplaces, and they can be toggled to fit the payment methods that are accepted by the merchant in Acumatica.

Payment Method Mapping in Acumatica

  1. Navigate to Acumatica and open the ChannelAdvisor workspace.

  2. Click Payment Methods Mapping.

  3. Click (+) to add a new payment method mapping.

  4. Select the Acumatica Payment Method.

  5. Enter the ChannelAdvisor Payment Method that was created.

  6. Toggle on the Is Mapped checkbox to indicate that there is a relationship between the two payment methods.

  7. Click Save.

Mapping Payment Methods in Acumatica

Mapping Payment Methods in Acumatica

Repeat until all payment methods are mapped.