Image Placement Setup

Image Placement Setup in ChannelAdvisor

ChannelAdvisor allows for up to twenty images to be included within a product.

The ChannelAdvisor Merchant Site can configure the classification of these images, known as placements. This allows for the organization of images of products within a merchant site.

ChannelAdvisor Image Placement Setup

  1. Navigate to the ChannelAdvisor site and click Image Hosting under the Products tab.

  2. Enter a Name in the field.

  3. Enter an Abbreviation in the field.

  4. Toggle on the Display in Image Chooser option.

    1. When adding images to an item in ChannelAdvisor, the option will appear in the product details to add to this placement.

  5. Repeat these steps for every placement necessary for images.

  6. Click Save.

Now that the placements have been coordinated in ChannelAdvisor, return to Acumatica.

Image Placement Setup in Acumatica

Navigate to the ChannelAdvisor workspace and select Image Placement Setup.

Image Placements setup in Acumatica

Image Placements setup in Acumatica.

  1. Select (+) to create a new image placement record.

  2. Enter the Acumatica Attribute for the image placement

  3. Enter the ChannelAdvisor Image Placement Name as it exists in ChannelAdvisor

    1. The ChannelAdvisor Image Placement Name must be the same as the Acumatica Attribute Name.

  4. Toggle on the Is Mapped checkbox.

  5. Click Save.

When adding images to a Stock Item, image URLs can be added to an image placement that has been created. The image will sync to ChannelAdvisor.

Images added to the Stock Item in ChannelAdvisor will NOT sync back to Acumatica.