Cross-Reference Mapping

ChannelAdvisor Cross-Reference Mapping

Stock item IDs can differ between Acumatica and vendors, customers, and marketplaces. The Cross-Reference tab on the Stock Items screen can be used to add a new, alternate inventory ID that maps to ChannelAdvisor reference fields such as ASIN, UPC, and ISBN.

These alternate IDs can be applied to vendors, customers, barcodes, or globally. This allows you to create additional Stock Item ID reference fields for items within ChannelAdvisor.

Create an Alternate ID in Acumatica

  1. Navigate to the Inventory workspace and click Stock Items.

  2. Select a Stock Item that will be used for Cross-Reference.

  3. Click the Cross-Reference tab.

  4. Click the (+) icon to create a new cross-reference.

  5. Enter a CA Field Reference.

    1. This is the ChannelAdvisor Attribute that the Alternate Stock Item ID will be added to.

      1. Note: If this attribute needs to be unique, one may be created in ChannelAdvisor. However, the attribute cannot be mapped to an Acumatica attribute to ensure proper syncing. Several commonly used attributes including UPC, ASIN, and ISBN, are predefined in ChannelAdvisor.

  6. Enter the Alternate Type.

    1. Global: the alternate ID is universally defined on the attribute for all customers, vendors, and marketplaces.

    2. Barcode: the alternate ID is defined as a barcode for the stock item that is being scanned.

    3. Vendor Part Number: the alternate ID is defined as a vendor generated ID for the product.

    4. Customer Part Number: the alternate ID is defined as a customer generated ID for the product.

  7. Enter the Vendor/Customer.

    1. If using a Barcode or Global alternate type, skip this step.

  8. Enter the Alternate ID.

  9. Enter a Unit of Measurement.

  10. Enter a Description.

  11. Click Save.

The alternate ID will be ready for cross-referencing.

Additionally, on a Sales Order, entering the alternate ID that was created for a stock item onto the order will generate the stock item.

Cross-Reference Mapping in Acumatica

  1. Navigate to the ChannelAdvisor workspace and click Cross-Reference Mapping.

  2. Click Refresh List of Attributes to update the list of ChannelAdvisor attributes to select from.

  3. Click (+) to add a new mapping definition.

  4. Enter the CA Field Reference.

    1. This is the field reference defined in the stock item’s alternate ID that was created.

  5. Select a Search Type.

  6. Select a Search Text.

    1. The search type (contains, equals, starts with, ends with) will search for the specific text within the alternate ID.

      1. For example, if alternate IDs created all begin with the prefix ABC, then the search type will be toggled to Starts With and the search text will be ABC.

  7. Select an Export Alternative ID to attribute.

    1. This will populate the list of ChannelAdvisor attributes that the Alternate ID will be attached to.

  8. Click Save.

The cross-references are now mapped to ChannelAdvisor attributes and will be exported to the products in the defined attribute fields during product sync.