Attribute Mapping

ChannelAdvisor Attribute Mapping

Attributes are a way to tag a product with descriptive information. Attributes should be configured in both Acumatica and ChannelAdvisor, and then be mapped. This facilitates the data transfer between Acumatica and ChannelAdvisor.

Create a ChannelAdvisor Attribute

  1. To create an attribute in ChannelAdvisor, navigate to the Products tab on the ChannelAdvisor site.

  2. In the Groupings section, click Attributes.

  3. Click Create New Attribute.

  4. Add the Attribute Name as the attribute exists in Acumatica.

  5. Toggle the Attribute Type

    1. Appears on all products will have an attribute that exists within all products in the ChannelAdvisor account.

    2. Only used on products in a set of Classifications will open up a table to toggle the Classifications that the attribute will be a part of

  6. Click Save.

Mapping Attributes in Acumatica

Navigate to ChannelAdvisor workspace and click Attributes Mapping.

Attribute Mapping

Attribute Mapping screen

  1. Select a ChannelAdvisor attribute from the ChannelAdvisor list of attributes.

    1. If the attribute isn’t present, click Refresh List of Attributes.

      1. The attribute name must match between Acumatica and ChannelAdvisor to sync properly. This may require adding a new attribute in ChannelAdvisor.

  2. Toggle on the Is Mapped checkbox to indicate that there is a relationship between the two attributes.

  3. Select Save.

Repeat until all attributes are mapped.