Preparing Acumatica Data for Sync to ChannelAdvisor

Preparing Acumatica Data for Sync to ChannelAdvisor

Existing Acumatica data must be modified to indicate that it can be used by ChannelAdvisor.

If items are fulfilled by Amazon, these items must be configured to be Fulfilled by Amazon


  1. Attributes must be enabled first for ChannelAdvisor for inventory items. Navigate to the Inventory workspace and click Inventory Preferences.

  2. Toggle on Enable ChannelAdvisor Attribute Section

  3. Click Save.

Stock Items

Stock items must now be toggled On to be available in ChannelAdvisor, and also set up for FBA (if applicable).

  1. Navigate to the Inventory workspace and select Stock Items.

  2. Select a Stock Item.

  3. Select the Website(s) (Branches) for the item.

    1. This feature is available in the CommercePro package of Acumatica. If interested, contact your Kensium sales team for more information.

  4. If utilizing FBA, select the FBA Warehouse in the Default Warehouse field.

  5. Click the eCommerce tab.

  6. Toggle on the Allowed for FBA option if used for FBA.

  7. Toggle on the Active on ChannelAdvisor option for all sites that the product will be available on.

  8. Enter in the ChannelAdvisor Prices for use in ChannelAdvisor.

  9. Click Save.

Repeat this process with all items that will be used with ChannelAdvisor and/or FBA.

The items toggled as Active on ChannelAdvisor will now be exported to ChannelAdvisor during product sync.