Creating Accounts in ChannelAdvisor

Creating Accounts in ChannelAdvisor

Create a Merchant Account

Creating a ChannelAdvisor Merchant Account allows you to fully access the features of ChannelAdvisor in conjunction with the package’s functionality in Acumatica.


If you already have a ChannelAdvisor Merchant Account, log in to the ChannelAdvisor Merchant Site.

  1. Navigate to the ChannelAdvisor merchant site
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  2. Click Request a Demo.

  3. Fill out your information and submit the form to request a demo.

    1. A ChannelAdvisor Account Manager will reach out to finish setting up your account.

    2. When the account is created, use the newly created credentials to log into the ChannelAdvisor merchant site along with your Account ID.

ChannelAdvisor accounts are implemented by the ChannelAdvisor team.

  • These implementations typically take 4-6 weeks depending on the merchant’s needs and scale.

  • This includes full demos, training, and integration with marketplaces.

  • Discuss with your ChannelAdvisor Account Manager for more details about pricing, business needs, and implementing ChannelAdvisor.

Create a Developer Account

  1. Navigate to:
    API Documentation – Welcome to the ChannelAdvisor Developer Network – Knowledge Center

  2. Click on the ‘Requesting a Developer Account‘ link.

  3. Click on the ‘Request an Account’ external link.

  4. Enter all the fields in the form and click Submit Request.

    1. The site will redirect to a confirmation screen

  5. An activation email will be sent to the email address entered in the Request field.

    1. Click the link to activate the account.

  6. The link will redirect to the ChannelAdvisor Developer site with a confirmation that the Developer Key account was created.

  7. The developer key will be sent to the email on the account that was just created.

  8. Click the link in the email to redirect back to the Developer Site (
    API Documentation – Welcome to the ChannelAdvisor Developer Network – Knowledge Center

  9. In the left-hand panel, click The Developer Console.

  10. Click the login link at the top of the page.

  11. Login to the page with the Developer Key and password that was just created.

Keep this window open for future reference during installation.

After preparing Acumatica data, the developer console will be necessary for obtaining API information to connect ChannelAdvisor to Acumatica.